News 12.3.2019
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We took our family to Chernobyl and they loved it!

It’s not easy to explain to your loved ones what you are doing. Usually, it’s like this: “Eh… err… You know, we’re doing these tours… To Chernobyl. Yes, to that place. No, it’s safe. And yes, people are going there in thousands…” Well, it’s not super-easy to understand that doing tours to Chernobyl is practically a regular job like other ones.

So, instead of explaining, we took our loved ones to Chernobyl, so they can see, what we do, how we work and why we fell in love with the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. Because a picture is worth 1000 words, right?


We started our day with a meet&greet session on our usual pick-up place. Some of our colleagues took their friends, some parents and some siblings, husbands or wives… It was really a mixed group, which consisted of people of different ages, interests, etc. But after a few hours spent together in the Zone, seeing the Chernobyl city, walking trough the ghost town Pripyat and seeing the power plant in their own eyes, everyone said and understood why we are spreading the Chernobyl story & why we love Pripyat.

Come and see for yourself also! Book your tour now and enjoy one of the most epic adventures of your life!



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