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ChernobylX operates in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone for more than 10 years. In these (almost) 11 years we guided countless tours, bringing thousands of people to Ukraine and sharing with them this unique place and all the stories.

Each and every customer is given a questionnaire immediately after the tour. More than 1 700 customers also left us their feedback on Tripadvisor (you can do that also, if you still didn’t). And hundreds of you are tagging us on their photos from Chernobyl. And you know what? We ABSO-LUTELY LOVE IT!


In our Bratislava (Slovakia – marketing/sales) & Kyiv (Ukraine – operations) offices we are reading every feedback you give us. From the questionnaires, trough the reviews on Tripadvisor, Facebook or Google to all those photos you are uploading and tagging with #CHERNOBYLX tag or sending directly to us.


Keep it up please! It helps us mutate to even better and helps us change the tours and all the processes to make (hopefully) THE BEST Chernobyl tours ever! We also love to use your photos for our marketing campaigns, so if you have some that you think that are too good to keep it for yourself only, don’t hesitate to send them to our marketing team. The contact is michal@chernobylx.com. Maybe next time we’ll use one of your photos!

Million times thank you again for your great feedback! Please carry on!



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