Nyheter 23.12.2020

One Last Good Feat for Christmas

The holiday season looks a little different this year. If anything, the challenging year we’ve had shows just how important it is to find ways to support our family, friends, and communities. While we keep up with public health guidelines to plan safe ways to stay in touch with loved ones, we’re also thinking about ways to give back so that everyone can feel some holiday spirit this year. In Chernobyl, we have a big family – our dear babushkas, who need help and love. And you can help us make a little magic for these wonderful people.

Good morning, good day, good evening! Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year! No matter where you live on earth, we hope you are having a good time despite the situation regarding the pandemic. Human connection, safety and good vibes belong to the most important things in the world, and we wish you have all of that in your life.


We clearly understood it while first visiting the Chernobyl babushkas – the people, who loved their own home so much, they came back despite all the dangers. Throughout the years we have created such a tradition to organize charity tours on our own and with you, our dear explorers. What is the charity tour? Help, support and happiness for everyone who participates.

Visiting the babushkas, helping them around the house and their gardens, bringing them food supplies, warm clothes, even medicaments – with all our efforts, we are trying to make their lives better and healthier.


The area where self-settlers live is rural, so they are safe from the dangers of the “outside world”. On the other hand, without visitors, they are alone most of the time. They do not have very good eyes to read anymore, sometimes they do not have electricity and only occasionally they meet other people. And never virtually.

Read about our previous charity tours:

When we asked them what they miss, they never complained and never asked for anything. Like babushka Valentina Borisovna said: ”Just come and visit me.” Simple. Yet hard to accomplish in these times.


The almost 100 Chernobyl babushkas that are still living in the zone are safe and sound. However, this year they felt more alone than ever before, as they missed our visits with you, the tourists, the explorers of Chernobyl.

For New Year, despite all the restrictions and limitations, we will run our traditional CHERNOBYLX charity tour around the Chernobyl babushkas. Our promise of 1% of all revenues directly going to Chernobyl babushkas has hit its limit and since April we have not gathered more than 100 €.

If you have the chance to help us to collect the symbolic amount of 2020 € to make this tour happen, please do so despite the world seeming to be upside down around us. A small amount of your hard-earned resources is a monthly budget for a household for buying bread.

Would you like to contribute directly? You can! Just hit the button 😉


Thank you for considering, we will keep you posted on how you made a BIG difference in the small world of Chernobyl. All donations will be solely used for goods for the Chernobyl babushkas purchases, transparently using the funds on PayPal account. This collectible is run until JAN 31 2021.

Thank you for making it a one-minute priority during the Christmas time.

I encourage you, leave a message to Chernobyl babushkas – on our Facebook, Instagram or simply send an email or WhatsApp – write, record, you can even sing. We will deliver it all directly to them… Who knows what they will send you back ;-)” – Dominik, founder of Chernobyl X


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