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Should we be scared of mutants in Chernobyl?

All fans of nuclear disaster themes have heard about them – mutations and their existence. The most common occurrence of mutation and human mutants is recalled by the Chernobyl catastrophe which happened back in April 1986, when there was an unstable experiment and new security testing going on. As you know, it led to the overheating of a reactor and consequently an enormous blast.

It has been 31 years since the accident, but the consequences can still be observed today. Radiation affects all the surrounding areas and leads to various mutations. But, should we be scared of mutants and dangerous mutations in the Chernobyl zone?

Put simply, no. Even though there are ‘stories’ on the Internet. One of them, the famous one, is about the ‘fact’, that the atomic blast mutated humans into flesh-eating zombies who will devour any tourists and visitors of the zone that may cross their paths. There was also some ‘evidence’, for example, a video on YouTube that shows a zombie ripping a man apart. In reality, this video was from a first-person action shooting videogame called STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl, where in the game, the zombies (mutated humans affected by the Chernobyl disaster) are the main enemies.


Liquidators were most affected by radiation. They died several days after explosion

Also this topic appeared as a main storyline in the famous horror movie Chernobyl Diaries, in which a group of young adventure tourists decided to go on a short visit to Pripyat and later were attacked by zombies (or so-called mutants). But, unfortunately for everyone who loves these kinds of conspiracy theories, there is no such thing as dangerous mutants living in the Chernobyl zone, or mutated zombies who want to kill you and eat your flesh.

People often fantasize and create many creepy stories with doubtful facts about mutants in Chernobyl because these kind of stories are very well read and catch the readers attention with fictitious shocking revelations, which are, in most cases, not true. Sure, there are some genetic deviations, which you can observe when you are visiting the Chernobyl exclusion zone, but they concern only nature. Also, there were many negative health effects both short term and long term after the disaster. This applies to both animals and humans that suffered from Chernobyl mutations in their generation and in those that followed. This was due to radiation and other debris and chemicals that were released from the reactor, which exploded. The doses of radiation received during, and immediately after the accident were high for some emergency workers, but much lower for later recovery-operation workers and people living in the contaminated areas.

But, summing up once again, there is no such thing as mutants living in the Chernobyl exclusion zone. You can verify it and experience it yourself. The Chernobyl exclusion zone is a public place that you can easily visit. Just book your Chernobyl tour online starting from 99 EUR. And remember – see, feel, experience… but do not touch! 😉



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