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What does the future hold for adventure travelers, and how might post-pandemic travel look like? What about vaccine passports and your Chernobyl travel plans? We summed up important information and made some predictions for the upcoming travel season. Let’s have a peek!

Looking back…

In early 2020, two words slipped into our daily conversations: Covid and pandemic. In the meantime, Wuhan became China’s Chernobyl moment, and life as we knew it completely changed.

One by one, just as Pripyat once did, buzzing cities all around the world went quiet. Barcelona, Rome, London, Paris, you name it. Busy pathways emptied and walking the streets felt like living in a post-apocalyptic movie. Vibrant life was gone. The outdoors were vacant, silent, undisturbed.

…to see ahead

Whether a radioactive blast or a pandemic, the world wasn’t ready for either. We know the deadly consequences of Chernobyl’s disaster and we sure did not want to experience it again, now even to a far greater extent.

There are numerous links between the lessons of the pandemic and the Chernobyl disaster, and we summed them up in this BLOG earlier. If we heed the lessons these global catastrophes have taught, it could set us up for a healthier world moving forward. Here is what it might look like.


Travel predictions for the future

With the upcoming holiday season, travel dreams feel like a glimpse of hope shimmering on the horizon. Travel, of course, won’t be the same as it once was, but maybe that won’t be a bad thing.

In 2021 and beyond, travel insiders predict we are likely to shift towards more meaningful, experience-driven travel. Engaging with locals, forging deeper connections with the places, and leaving a positive footprint. That’s how your travel mantra for the future might look like.

Experts agree some changes, such as wearing masks or tours at half capacity, will only be temporary, while others — like enhanced sanitation protocols, relaxed cancellation, and rebooking policies from airlines and other travel suppliers — are here to stay. Meanwhile, a vaccine passport is becoming a reality for travelers.


What is a vaccine passport, and will you need one to travel abroad?

This digital documentation will enable you to travel if you have either been vaccinated against Covid-19, tested negative, or recovered from coronavirus. Currently, there are various versions of the so-called travel passes or health certificates developed and tested by technology companies.

The European Commission, as well, is developing the EU’s Digital Green Certificate to enable safe and free movement within the block for the summer season. The certificate will be free of charge, bilingual, and both digital or paper formats will have QR codes you will present to airline employees and border officers.

EU officials declared vaccination will not be a pre-condition for travel – tests and quarantine will continue to be the enablers of free movement. The certificates will be suspended once the World Health Organization declares the end of the pandemic.

It is not clear, however, whether any of the passports under development will be accepted broadly around the world. According to AP, they will be most common on international flights.

Since most of you, our fellow Chernobyl adventurers come from the EU, we assume Ukraine authorities will be accepting this green pass standard in a short time. Until then, we can still plan our Chernobyl tour.


Before you go: Essential advice for every traveler

While planning your Chernobyl visit, your expectations and desires for an unforgettable trip shouldn’t be compromised. Choose your travel provider wisely, put quality over quantity and go for unique personal experiences. Thus, once you settle on a journey, it will be the trip of your lifetime.

In reality, it’s all about experiences: creating unforgettable feelings and memories that will challenge your worldview, make you thrilled, and enrich you. It’s about making your trip personal and immersing yourself in the place. You, dear traveler, deserve it, and we at Chernobyl Welcome know how to make it happen.

Experience Chernobyl like never before: In private and in-depth

Even 35 years after the nuclear blast, Chernobyl is like no other place in the world. While radiation turned it into a ghost town, 2020 pandemics deserted it even more. Nowadays, the Chernobyl zone is safer and emptier than ever. There are almost no Instagrammers, vloggers, or groups of tourists wandering around.

That’s why we at Chernobyl Welcome made an adventure plan for the bravest amongst you with maximum protection against the virus and boredom. Now, you can easily plan your Chernobyl tour with all guarantees keeping you safe and sound! For current travel advice in Ukraine, learn more in this BLOG.

Your Chernobyl private tour will be a time-traveling experience with first-hand stories and bullet-proof facts. The program is super tailored, all-inclusive, comes with a private car and no stranger tourists around. It’s only you, your friends, and your highly-trained guide.

Visit the iconic spots and feed your curiosity by exploring off-the-beaten places of Chernobyl, such as morgue, abandoned open-air dance floor, secret Jupiter factory, and more. Become one of the very few people who enter the most radioactive place you can legally visit: the Control room no. 4.

Meet Chernobyl liquidators, who risked their lives to save the world, and local babushkas who returned to live in the zone until their very last day. Listen to their first-hand stories and get all of your curious questions about the Chernobyl disaster answered.

Need more? Drive green with Tesla S for 90 €/a day or enjoy a 90 €/day deduction from your Chernobyl private tour price when driving your car to the zone. You can even ride in the legendary Soviet car, the Volga, or fly over the zone using the super comfy VR set. The scale of this place and your experiences will be nothing short of epic!

Babushka of Chernobyl
Source: ChernobylWelcome

Afraid of the backlash? Whatever happens, we have your back!

During the pandemic, you and your fellow travelers are ensured absolute safety by an airline-level of disinfection and precautionary measurements: temperature check, face masks, gloves, antibacterial gel, disinfected vehicles. Together we can make sure you come back home from your tour safe and thrilled.

Have any more doubts or concerns if you can make it? No worries, your money is safe with us! We give you a 100% money-back guarantee, plus free cancelation or rebooking anytime. We are not a typical travel agency, not answering emails when you want your booking fee back – here is how we work with money.

Don’t feel like traveling? Hop on an online tour

If you decided to skip this travel season yet are longing for an adventure, we have a solution for you. You can travel revolutionary from the comfort of your home with the world’s first live-stream tours to Chernobyl.
Enjoy a 60+ minute sneak-peek online tour with your guide, and visit Chernobyl live: explore Chernobyl city or enter the nuclear blast epicenter at the Chernobyl power plant.

Your online tour is all virtual and accessible for anybody around the globe, with almost no carbon footprint. All you need is a nice screen, a comfy place to sit, and you can dive into experiencing Chernobyl.

Your Chernobyl tour has a far greater impact

It is not only your life that changes with visiting the Chernobyl zone. 1% of your tour price goes directly to buy necessary needs for Chernobyl babushkas and liquidators. Moreover, for every Tripadvisor review, we plant a tree in the zone to help it recover, and with your help, we also support children with cancer via the charity Dobry Anjel.

Together we make travel better, and Chernobyl Welcome will do whatever it takes to make your Chernobyl tour as edgy as you wish. All it takes is to say yes and go for your trip of a lifetime! And while in the zone, «strengthen» your immunity by taking a vodka shot with a kindhearted babushka.

So, what about you, dear traveler, would you dare? To learn more, visit Chernobyl private tour or sneak-peek online tours.  


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