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In the „Know your guide“ series, we would like to introduce you our new reinforcements in ChernobylX team. In the first „episode“ we give the word to our lovely colleague and great guide Natasha, also known as Natalie (don’t be confused, the Slavic name Natasha is diminutive form of Natalia).

Hi! My name is Natalie. And I am real lover of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. I take passionate interest in exploring this area again and again. It makes me feel so excited and I decided to share these emotions with people during excursion, because this is a unique place in our world with big history. That is why during my excursion I am going to provide you not only with historical facts about Chernobyl Exclusion Zone and the accident itself, but also a lot of emotional facts and stories that I heard from former inhabitants of Chernobyl Zone. You will be able to be a part of Soviet times during excursion because this place looks like it is still stuck in 1986.


On tours with me you will see (for sure!) the well-known amusement park with world-wide recognizable Ferris Wheel. Also, you will witness the biggest monument of Cold War – top secret military object – over-the-horizon Duga radar system. Definitely you will have an opportunity to explore the city center of Pripyat with palace of culture Energetic and (for gamers) famous hotel Polissya.

But if you’d ask me what’s my favorite place, well… Most of all, I always want to come back to School number 3 because it is very sensitive place. It is fascinating that the biggest school in Pripyat, full of children with whole life in front of them, is nowadays a place with empty classes forever and only books remind about that carefree time.

Although, another one of my favorite places in Zone is Chornobyl-2 with secret military object – the Duga radar, or so-called Russian Woodpecker. Such impressive size of antenna attracts your attention from far-far away immediately.


And I can’t forget about Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. It is THE heart of the Zone. Place where in 1986 the worst nuclear disaster had happened. I always feel something special standing in front of such stupendous construction like New Safe Confinement.

Generally, I can continue describing more and more objects but instead of it I’d like to invite you on excursion to hear and see everything.

So, I am waiting for you, you are always (CHERNOBYL) welcome! 🙂



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