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How can you visit Chernobyl and stay safe?

Back in 2009, FORBES magazine named Chernobyl as one of the twelve most unique and exotic tourist destinations in the world. Since then, tens of thousands of tourists & travelers from all around the world rushed to the Zone to see the ghost town of Pripyat and the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. The world of a post-apocalyptic reality, frozen in the time of 1986 is a must-see for every adventurer!

So, you have decided to be one of the adventurers and go on a Chernobyl tour with ChernobylX .But, like many others, you are a little worried about how to get there and how safe it actually is. No worries, even a blonde-girl (!) can handle the booking process and come safely backhome! To find the answers to the most frequently asked questions and some useful tips, click here (radiation is question #2).


People from more than 50 countries have already booked a tour to Chernobyl with us. Book your own Chernobyl tour now. As a provider of permission to enter the zone, ChernobylX is also a proud member of CHTOA (Chernobyl Tour Operator Association) and always stick to rules and principles that ensure maximum safety for the visitors as well as preserving the Chernobyl heritage for our next generations.

When entering the Exclusion Zone, make sure you have all the following …


What is needed and what a tour with ChernobylX is like:

  •  A valid passport is needed (the details must be provided at least one week before the tour).
  •  The tours are structured with a strong focus on history (using old pictures, videos from Soviet time), stories (liquidators, inhabitants) and safety (learning about radiation). During your trip expect some surprises, myths or secret places that  we will uncover together.
  •  The tours to the Zone are all-in-Exclusive, you get full service with no extras to be paid on tour.
  •  You are picked up and taken back to Kyiv Railway station (or your address in Kyiv – Private Chernobyl tours).
  •  A certified English-speaking guide meets you in Kyiv and stays with you until you’re safely back again, traveling in a comfortable van with WiFi and A/C.
  •  Lunch is served every day (during 2 days or more tours, also breakfast and dinner are included in the price). All food and drinks are brought from outside the zone.
  •  It is absolutely safe to stay for one, two or more nights in a hotel in Chernobyl. The area is 2,600 km² so there’s plenty to explore! Pripyat and Duga radar are only the top of the cream.
  •   You will undergo a full body scan of the radiation level, every day, when leaving the zone. Besides that, there will be a dosimeter (Geiger-Muller Counter) available at any time given to you by the guide. You will also get a fabric respirator.

During 2-day tours and on private tours we also visit the villages and meet “Chernobyl babushkas” or “self-settlers” as they’re also called. These people moved back to the Zone after the evacuation of 1986. Out of every purchase you make with ChernobylX or Chernowear, 5% goes either on people suffering from cancer or directly to Chernobyl babushkas in form of food, supplies, and everything greatly needed in the zone.

Transcription of the VIDEO:

I went on a noble vacation last summer. It was so cool. Someone tweeted this webpage ChernobylX. So I booked myself a trip, took a plane to Ukraine and I have read all their leaflets on the bus from Kyiv to Chernobyl. Right as we get off the bus I got my own personal assistant. She took care of me for a whole 2 days. We even got a respirator for the sauna and such little cute yellow hotel phones. It didn’t catch something they call :the radioactive signal: They said it happens since they added some kind of new sarcophagus. They measured our BMI twice a day. That means Body Mass Index. Look at some of my selfies I took there… Me under the ride, me at the swimming pool, me with the sarcophagus and I’m going definitely there next summer. Will you join me? Book your CHER-noble vacation NOW.



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