We don’t do travel. We do experiences.
And this one is going to be a life-changing one for your clients and you as well.

With experience-driven travel on the rise, people from all around the world are looking for their next adventure destination. Travelers wish for a safe, flexible journey, and they long to experience a trip of a lifetime. Be it an in-depth exploration of nuclear catastrophes sites in Chernobyl or Fukushima, star wars like space adventure in Baikonur, or witnessing jaw-dropping communism in North Korea – we know how to make it happen.


WHY should YOU join forces with ChernobylX?

ALL IN ONE/We do the paperwork, ensure comfy transportation and delicious meals, book cozy hotels and provide highly trained, professional, and friendly guides/interpreters in up to 7 languages 

FLEXIBLE & TAILORED/The places and stories our clients desire, at their own pace with an adjustable travel itinerary 

PASSIONATE & PERSONAL/We are addicted to exploring and creating unforgettable experiences for our clients with bulletproof facts, and first-hand stories from real Chernobyl heroes – liquidators and Chernobyl babushkas

OPEN HEART SHARP MIND/We treat customers like a part of our family, we are eager to help and support them 24/7 

INNOVATIVE/Sneak-peek online tours, extra travel packages, riding oldtimers, or Tesla S on tours 

SUPER SAFE/Free respirators, several dosimetric controls a day, free loan of Geiger-Muller counter, and airline-level of disinfection, safe routes

HELPFUL/We care – for you, for our clients, as well as for the ones who were less lucky than us. With your help, we support Chernobyl babushkas, the Good Angel charity, and plant trees in the Chernobyl zone

GUARANTEE/The price is final, there are no hidden fees, free rebooking up to 1 week before the trip or cancelation is available

Our clients explore beyond iconic places and touristic sites. We take them to the off-beaten places where they experience behind-the-scenes views. They become insiders who challenge their worldviews daily.

Are these points and values your cup of coffee? Congratulations, you found your partner in crime for unforgettable experience-driven travels! After 14 years with over 26,000 customers, we know how to make the journey legendary and we realize the pressure of relying upon another company when creating a unique mosaic of destinations for your dear customers. Therefore, we always have your back!

Innovations and high demands fuel us

By introducing on average up to 10 innovations a year to our Chernobyl tours, we became the no.1 attraction in the Kyiv region on TripAdvisor in 2018. For the sixth year in a row, we have received the award of excellence and became the first choice for foreign tourists for their Chernobyl travels in Ukraine.

Once the HBO miniseries aired back in 2019, we recorded the historical boom of tourists visiting Chernobyl – almost 100% more people chose to travel with ChernobylX. Such an amount did not catch us off guard as we are quick and adaptable regarding clients’ needs. 

For 2020 and beyond, even though pandemics got the travel and tourism industry to its knees, we worked hard to make our customers dreams possible. We kept them safe and sound with airline level of disinfection and precautionary measurements, ensured their trips are flexible with free rebooking or cancellation anytime. For the ones who could not head for a trip of their lifetime, we introduced the worlds’ first live-stream tours to Chernobyl.

However, it’s not about medals and stats. You and your client are our top priority, and we care to spoil you with extra care! Your clients have it all-inclusive. The unique program, iconic places, comfy transport with AC from/to the airport, various language interpreters at your disposal, booking hotels, issuing permits, or the support with covid test – you don’t worry, we manage it all for you!

 Best deals to connect at one place

Your adventurers deserve the best! While on their Chernobyl tour in Kyiv, we can create them a special package – a full program to enjoy every moment of their trip of a lifetime. They can hop on an oldtimer and explore Soviet Kyiv or tour Kyivs’ epic underground, time-travel back to the Cold war with a missile base tour and launch the nukes, or enjoy an adrenaline Kalashnikov shooting tour. All in private! If you wish, we can even create a private tour under your logo or easily add your clients to our private tours. For your travelers, we keep it exciting and intimate with limited groups avoiding strangers wandering around.


However, we reach far beyond Chernobyl! Travelers fascinated by radioactivity can explore the site of the Japanese nuclear catastrophe – Fukushima or the Ignalina power plant with the most powerful RBMK reactor ever built.  Those addicted to outer space can enjoy a lifetime experience watching the space rocket take off towards the blue sky from the first row and explore the legendary Baikonur cosmodrome. They can even uncover mysterious North Korea with its jaw-dropping communism.  

Our job is about making your time with us extraordinary. Together we create a unique atmosphere and surround you with passion-driven people you can rely on. We are like a family, and we treat you like a part of it. We will get you ready before launching the new tours, stock you with stunning photos, engaging texts, and final prices. You have the support of our customer care, and anytime you contact us, we will get back to you with a priority.

Nothing is impossible

We look for demanding, high-standard partners with great references. Peculiar questions or demands are no obstacle for us. Do your clients wish to enjoy Indiana Jones-like experience riding camels to Aral sea, drive Tesla S on their Private Chernobyl tour, fly a helicopter or drive a boat at the river Pripyat? Of course! May your clients have any secret passions or desires from drone flying, fishing, painting, or video clip making, do not hesitate to ask. We at ChernobylX will make these unforgettable tours as edgy for your clients as you wish.

If you want to join forces with us, please contact us at Together we can contribute to making travel better and send your clients on their trip of a lifetime!

 Your ChernobylX team

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