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How can you visit Chernobyl in less than 5 minutes if you are in Kyiv

If you are like myself – superbusy and not planning travels a lot – you will find this story about HOW TO GET TO CHERNOBYL IN LESS THAN 5 MINUTES very useful.

I happen to be in Kyiv for 3 days and when I stumbled in Chernobyl Museum on the fact that there are actually some tour to Chernobyl zone, my brain immediately started to have this “hungry” feeling – that this can be the highlight of my (actually business) trip! I immediately googled “fastest way to visit Chernobyl” and I immediately found a company that seemed profi and decided to give them a call instead of waiting for some email.

Young lady picked up the phone, I told her that I would like to go to Chernobyl from Kyiv day after tomorrow (the next day was the conference I was about to attend). Well, I got surprised that I need to book the tour at least 10 business days ahead – because of the zone permits. But…sometimes they can make miracles. Especially after I told them I might not come back to Ukraine anytime soon. The lady promised to call me back. In 3 minutes she called back, gave me great news (I didnt know they were that great at the moment) that I can come, she just needs my full name, date of birth and passport.


Kindergarden in Pripyat

It took not even 5 minutes and I was having a place in the expedition, and for the rest of the day I could not believe how easy it was to book a Chernobyl tour. No even online. I read all the instructions sent on my email, I went to the market to buy a pair of extra shoes (that I will throw away after the tour) and I was ready. But in fact I haven’t. The tour was thrilling, the place incredible, very emotive and even before the lunch I understood that I have to come back to the city of ghosts for more. This year (2017) I went back, for a 2 day tour. I booked everything 3 months ahead. And you won’t believe it, but 5 days before my departure I stumbled on an old friend of mine in the shopping mall. He wanted to join. Now. If I can manage it (the permits for him), he will definitely get a leave at his job…or a sick leave The phone call was not 5 minutes, but 3. And we got lucky again. He went with me (just the plane tickets were more expensive) and now, after 2 weeks we are back he is writing me when we are going next time.

If you want to be in Chernobyl as fastest you can, make sure you contact:

Call: +421 902 654 876
Viber/Whatsapp: +421 902 654 876

Sagsagansgoho str вт, 14 авг. 2018

Kyiv, 03035

By the way, we went exploring Chernobyl or Ukraine – again – unprepared. The Chernobyl guide told us there is a another tour – below Kyiv – which some people like even more that Chernobyl. Pervomajsk used to be a nuclear missile base and now its turned into a museum. That extra day we had for some Kyiv sightseeing and beer-tasting was worth to sacrifice for this tour!

Martin Petro – Journalist



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