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Better safe than sorry. How we work with YOUR money

10 years ago, I probably would not mind traveling even during a pandemic or war. 1 wedding, 4 kids and 1 dog later, I have to say, I truly admire those of you who travel and explore these days. Yes, we can cover the health risk to a greater extent. But what about the rest?

I am talking about the finance, money, bucks…you name it. Would you risk paying anything to a travel agency and be unsure that your flight will not be cancelled, or if you know that the travel agency could be on a verge of bankruptcy? Basically, travel companies are living from the customers money or from their savings these days. Or both. I do not know any travel agency who would return customers money without any questions asked. Apart from ChernobylX, as many of you who we refunded are telling us.


Since the very start of our tours, I wished to create a customer experience I would finally enjoy. Yep, high expectations, high standards. One of the principles is to charge fair prices and never ever hazard with customer’s trust or money.

We have always played on the safe side – dosimeters, respirators, radiation checks, first aid trainings etc. When Corona hit us in March 2020, we made it safe for you also on the financial side. We immediately separated customers money (prepayments) from our savings. And made a promise: not to touch the customers money under any circumstances – we refunded each and every one of the 1019 customers (at the time this blog was written – end of August) who we proactively contacted. We made tough decisions to secure a financial runway for a year, we shrunk, we froze many projects. Even if we would need to go bankrupt after the 14+months, your money would be sent back to you untouched.


So, what happens with your money once you decide to take a CHERNOBYLX tour? We do not touch it until the issue of your permit to Chernobyl Zone or Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant is done and then at the tour date, pay all the costs and personnel.

In case you would not be happy, we are ready to give you a 100% money back guarantee (happens less than 0.1% of time in 2019, well this year it will get higher). What happens if you cannot come or you experience some complications along the way (like a canceled flight)? We will refund you the full price and assist you by giving it another try. We play it safe. Because this is how I would love a travel agency, to the most epic place on this planet, to approach me.


P.S. After your tour, when all the costs are covered, before we pay ourselves, we keep the promise of 1% of revenues for Chernobyl babushkas. With your help we make a real difference.


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