News 21.5.2019
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We continue to publish our customer experience. This time we decided to publish a unique experience of our customer who, in addition to the Chernobyl experience, decided to enhance his trip to Ukraine with an Urbex experience in underground sewers under Kyiv.

“This was easily the most adventurous trip of the year for me! Adrenaline, mystery, adventure! This trip had it all! The journey started really low profile. We met our guide, Max, at an almost empty metro station and basically went down in the nearest sewers entrance, just behind a corner or two, right after we changed to an overall rubber suit that Max prepared for us. The first shock came already as we climbed down the shaft. There was a plush toy next to the entrance. Max explained us the story why there are such toys sometimes.


He was an awesome guide during the whole tour. The sewers were amazing. We explored various routes of Kyiv’s underground system, some were wide, some really narrow and at a point we even had to crawl through a tunnel like a dog. During the tour we heard many stories about the history of the sewers and bunkers of the region. Max also shown to be a hobby photographer and had some extra lights on him, so we created some really cool pictures on the tour. The tour also included optional climbing on rusty ladders to other levels of the underground. At a point, Max told us to stand still and turn off the torches so we can experience pure darkness and embrace it. It was almost poetic! Words can’t really describe it, you’ll understand what I mean once you experience it!


From this moment on I was really confident that going on this tour was the right decision, knowing not what all is still ahead of us. After we left the tunnels a car came for us and took us to a street where we were lead to an actual preserved Cold War nuclear shelter! In the middle of the city, in between the houses. There were well-preserved Soviet posters, books, gas-masks and all sort of stuff you would or would not expect to find in a nuclear shelter. It was amazing. After that, we went to the final stop of our urban exploration journey – an unfinished building including a rooftop visit just when the sun was about to set. I loved it.”

– Jorge, ESP




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