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6 reasons why you need to visit Chernobyl & Ukraine

We believe that when you are reading this, you’re already (somehow) attracted to Chernobyl. That’s great, because it’s a first step to see & feel something that you’ve never experienced! We know that many of you have doubts or questions regarding the tours to Chernobyl or Ukraine, so here’s a couple of reasons, why you should add trip to Chernobyl to your 2019 bucket list!

1.) Travelling to Ukraine is pretty easy

All you need to do is a simple plan. First, check the flight tickets to Kyiv. In advance (f.e. 3 weeks and more) they should be much more cheaper. Done? Okay now let’s try to choose a tour on a preferred time. Chernobyl (and also Kyiv) is wonderful in every season, believe us, we were there many, many times. Choose from our tours – the 1-day Chernobyl tour is a quick overview of everything interesting in the zone. The 2-day Chernobyl tour is for those, who want to wander around a bit longer, spend a night in the zone and get to know the area far better. Private tour is something we call creme-de-la-creme, something you can adjust according to your needs. Then, at the very end, look for an accommodation in Kyiv. We recommend to stay in IBIS hotel, where our customers have a nice discount, but you can also try to find something via AirBnB. The offer is really big and the prices in Ukraine are very likeable.

2.) You don’t need to rent a car in Kyiv

Maybe you’re familiar with getting to Ukraine, but how about travelling around Kyiv? Don’t worry, there are few ways how to move from point A to point B in this big city. You can walk and explore the city, use the subway (actually very cheap and effective), call a taxi, hop on a bus or use Uber.

3.) Chernobyl is slowly, but for sure vanishing

It’s almost 33 years after the disaster and the city will not be there forever. However, yet it is still possible to see the ghost town of Pripyat in its full beauty, visit the power plant or secret military radar Duga and see, how nature is slowly taking back its territory. We never know what could happen in next years, so we’re encouraging you to plan your visit soon to experience something that only a few thousand people have experienced in the world.


4.) Accommodate yourself for few euros

For the majority of tourists, Ukraine is very cheap. Whether you want to live in a comfortable and well-equipped hotel or enjoy a large apartment somewhere in the city center, there is really a lot of possibilities. Try looking on a or find your apartment on You’ll pay (roughly) few tens of euro per night.

5.) Prices

You don’t need to spend a lot of money in Kyiv, trust us. Even if you are going to have fun in the evening in the city center, it will not cost you more then few tens of euros. Kyiv is well known for cheap alcohol and food in the better restaurants is also not very expensive. Prices are at the level of one-third of the prices in European metropolises, London, Paris or Barcelona.

6.) Experience something extraordinary

Elevate your adventure to another level with our special tours. Ever wanted to drift with a tank? Or perhaps shoot with a legendary Kalashnikov? Not a single problem. If you’re interested in something extraordinary, explore Kyiv’s underground, visit unfinished metro stations or atomic bunker. There are a lot of possibilities how to spend your day in Kyiv and it’s surroundings, so your Chernobyl trip will be something you’ll never forget.


Ask us ( if you have any questions regarding the Chernobyl tours, special tours in Kyiv or simply how you can elevate your adventure during your visit in Ukraine.



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